A Study Of Victorian Literature vs The League Of Extraordinary Gentleman

An interesting injection of the characters from the Victorian Era literature we’ve read into the movie The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. The film finds a good balance of originality to the respective characters while adding enough to the original character to fit into the premise of the movie. I like that. I found it interesting to see our characters out of their own stories, well except for Alan Quartermaine, he was right at home wasn’t he? The film, well the writers, were wise enough to leave the genuine qualities of our characters genuine enough to keep the readers and the people looking for discrepancies or off traits that didn’t quite match up with the characters and their respected novels nodding in approval. I, for one, loved Dorian Gray in T.L.o.E.G. I completely pictured him to have that aristocratic, uppity attitude in the novel, and the film encapsulated it perfectly. Also, from the graphic novels, Mina Harker is the quote unquote leader of the League…..I still see it in the film. Underlying, yes. The film sort of gives the lead to Quartermaine for all intents and purposes, but it’s Harker all the way. An undying story of misfits and outsiders who contain the elements that can save the world from itself.



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