Thoughts On Structure; To Trash or To Build Upon? HUM Reflections, The Victorians, and Debaucherous Penchants

So much imformation……so short a semester. Where did it go so quickly? It seems just a few moments ago we were mere novices when it came to knowledge of the Victorians and their wicked ways……but alas, here we are. A few months later and the equivalent of Intellectual giants in comparison to our former puny selves….quite a journey it has been.
Who would have known the vast by-ways and tangents of information that lay before us? Who could have known that we, us seekers, us travelers down the road of Tennyson, and Wilde, that we would come to adore this class that resides somewhere outside the norm? But ah, after that first day my friends, I think we all had an idea of what lay ahead for us…… Kipling! The Brownings! Come ye to love the pain of The Lady of Shallot, who gave her life for love, or lust….who knows. Oh my…..I’m blathering. My dearest apologies, I find myself longing for Dickens and his stylish ramblings. ;- )

I can only speak for myself when I say it is not mine to question why, it is only mine to wish for more time. I think everything that was a part of our class was imperative, my only thought is more intricacy as it pertained to the Victorian monsters, pity that information fell at the end of the semester. Other than that I am thankful for the time that I had, I will continue this journey on my own… Sarti Snopes. Thank You Mrs. V.





2 thoughts on “Thoughts On Structure; To Trash or To Build Upon? HUM Reflections, The Victorians, and Debaucherous Penchants

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  1. I’m glad that you loved it! I could really teach two or three sections of this course and never touch everything in this course. The Victorians changed me and I’m so glad that I get to share them with you. 🙂

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