Victorian Monsters and Gender Roles From The Time…..

From the beginning of this course, it was apparent that Men ruled the Victorian society(as the hierarchy of the culture viewed it) and women had segmented duties and roles in that society. The further along we traveled in this journey, the more this system, and it’s rules and societal viewpoints became evident. A few examples: The Brides of Dracula in Bram Stoker’s Dracula…..anything that appealing and voluptuous must be of a macabre origin….fallen women as Victorian society would gauge it.  How about the lack of women altogether in a few of our stories? These little nuances, these hints, these clues we get as to the “place” of women in Victorian land…… school for finding a suitable husband, the “angel of the house”; that passive, docile, ever supportive woman that this time period built. I have wondered since the beginning of this class if any of these authors ever pondered the fact that the social view kept at the time would not last forever, that maybe women at some point in the near future would attain a higher level as society goes, and claim more as power positions go……and this attitude, this assumption of women’s roles would serve as a stain……just a thought. Keep reading my friends~ more blogs coming soon! T


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