Thoughts On Paper

And the trapped have become the takers…..
Laughing, we must depart these rampant parts with chagrin. Blind and trustworthy we are out to steal the night.

Sight, so deep as to conceal slight, inconspicuous inconsistencies.
It’s shaky ground at best. To live or die by percentages. The diabolical have more places to hide and maneuver. Shaky hands in search of the broadsheet, the oracle of logic mainly lost to the just surviving. Insight is earned these days. To have it, and to have the ability to recognize it are two aptitudes unlike each other. One can admit the easier, less challenging appeals to the model mystic, less burden on your constitution to blend with the moral non-hackers, who wash out with the first ethical test of will~ the first social obstacle course makes tidy work of imposter dispositions. That’s where the stalk of a man lies, is it not?
The untouched nature so engrained in one’s spirit and being…..It is what and part of the why. Without the biased choice. It just is.
We can find that innate being within ourselves to offer the quaintest bit of light in this utmost darkness. It’s been there all along. Maybe it was waiting for us to get out of its way….for us to trust it.

We walk into morning Purposeful – meaning to blind eyes & abundant souls. Who requires rewards in this humble encapsulation of meaning?
You may walk proudly at your dreams and at your feats…..sink into the discipline of a quasi-Dorian Gray.

A painting of you, only getting happier, and slightly more insightful.



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