Thoughts On Structure; To Trash or To Build Upon? HUM Reflections, The Victorians, and Debaucherous Penchants

So much imformation……so short a semester. Where did it go so quickly? It seems just a few moments ago we were mere novices when it came to knowledge of the Victorians and their wicked ways……but alas, here we are. A few months later and the equivalent of Intellectual giants in comparison to our former puny selves….quite a journey it has been.
Who would have known the vast by-ways and tangents of information that lay before us? Who could have known that we, us seekers, us travelers down the road of Tennyson, and Wilde, that we would come to adore this class that resides somewhere outside the norm? But ah, after that first day my friends, I think we all had an idea of what lay ahead for us…… Kipling! The Brownings! Come ye to love the pain of The Lady of Shallot, who gave her life for love, or lust….who knows. Oh my…..I’m blathering. My dearest apologies, I find myself longing for Dickens and his stylish ramblings. ;- )

I can only speak for myself when I say it is not mine to question why, it is only mine to wish for more time. I think everything that was a part of our class was imperative, my only thought is more intricacy as it pertained to the Victorian monsters, pity that information fell at the end of the semester. Other than that I am thankful for the time that I had, I will continue this journey on my own… Sarti Snopes. Thank You Mrs. V.





A Study Of Victorian Literature vs The League Of Extraordinary Gentleman

An interesting injection of the characters from the Victorian Era literature we’ve read into the movie The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. The film finds a good balance of originality to the respective characters while adding enough to the original character to fit into the premise of the movie. I like that. I found it interesting to see our characters out of their own stories, well except for Alan Quartermaine, he was right at home wasn’t he? The film, well the writers, were wise enough to leave the genuine qualities of our characters genuine enough to keep the readers and the people looking for discrepancies or off traits that didn’t quite match up with the characters and their respected novels nodding in approval. I, for one, loved Dorian Gray in T.L.o.E.G. I completely pictured him to have that aristocratic, uppity attitude in the novel, and the film encapsulated it perfectly. Also, from the graphic novels, Mina Harker is the quote unquote leader of the League…..I still see it in the film. Underlying, yes. The film sort of gives the lead to Quartermaine for all intents and purposes, but it’s Harker all the way. An undying story of misfits and outsiders who contain the elements that can save the world from itself.


Victorian Technology & Industry and How They Would Love Right Now


The Victorians were quite fond of the ability to streamline things. With the introduction of the railway system in 1837 Londoners were able to travel to destinations around the country, most of the time they could leave in the morning and be back that same evening. Imagine the thrill of this prospect coming from horse travel! I feel this is a good encapsulation of the overall sentiment for the advancement of technology the Victorian’s felt.
“The greatest invention of the nineteenth century was the invention of the method of invention.” — Albert North Whitehead

During the reign of Queen Victoria, advancements in all sorts of fields boomed, as they needed to, to keep up with the greatest trading nation on the planet at the time. A few areas to highlight as they pertain to these advancements would be: The Industrial Revolution to include The Steam Engine, Industrial Science and Technology, Textile Manufacturing, Printing and Publishing and the beginnings of Telecommunications, And not to forget Photography and the advancements made in that field.

So, this Author is under the impression that the Victorians, after a crash course in Cellular Phone finesse, Windows 10, Apple Safari OS and at least Andriod Marshmellow or Nougat, would love 2017. we have enveloped the love for technology the Victorians had and made it smaller, faster, and more efficient. Just think of the possibilities in the Photography field alone….so many ways to shoot nude photos or dead people!

.Vampires Part II: Bram Stoker’s Dracula and Deeper Interpretations….

A few thoughts as we take the journey through the Victorians version of Fifty Shades of Grey……Bram Stoker’s “Dracula”. I find that Stoker’s Dracula is in the style of Hitchcock in it’s suspense element(or the other way around…). some of the scenes are rather detailed in the gore category(Lucy’s killing for example)- also the Bride’s of Dracula is a quaint touch I think- this book had to be quite scandalous for it’s time, as i always picture the Victorians to be conservative- this must have had people upset- it is racy- now. As we discussed in class- Dracula seems to represent more than just a hideous, blood-sucking monster- it is the author’s opinion that Dracula represents the fear of immigration into England during the time this book was written(1890’s)- fear of a loss of identity- so Dracula and his gang of undead are the immigrants……but hey what do I know…..from one hack writer to another-keep reading follks-T

Vampires, Nosferatu, Vlad and the Glittering Sort…..

Bram Stoker’s Dracula is derived from the former ruler of Wallachia, whose name was Vlad Tepes. He was also known by a few nicknames….Dracula or Draculea(Old Romanian), Vlad The Impaler and Vlad III. He ruled an area of the Balkans(Wallachia) in the 15th century. The word “Tepes” stands for “impaler”, so given to him for his penchant to punish victims by impaling them on stakes, then displaying them in public to frighten not only his enemies, but also transgressors of his moral code. It is said he killed between 40,000 and 100,000 people in this fashion. Here he is looking rather gleeful:vlad_the_impaler_by_zeoram-d564ure
As he pertains to the idea, or concept of Dracula as we moderners know him, the only link I can find, but still can’t prove historically, as most of the documented information on Ol Vlad is from his enemies, is that he would wash his hands in the blood of his enemies, which is quite different than drinking it, although that was rumored about him as well, this author could find no proof of either. Here is a image of where Vladdy ruled:wallachia
King Sigismund of Hungary, who became the Holy Roman Emperor in 1410, founded a secret fraternal order of knights called the Order of the Dragon to uphold Christianity and defend the Empire against the Ottoman Turks. Its emblem was a dragon, wings extended, hanging on a cross. Vlad III’s father (Vlad II) was admitted to the Order around 1431 because of his bravery in fighting the Turks. From 1431 onward Vlad II wore the emblem of the order and later, as ruler of Wallachia, his coinage bore the dragon symbol. The word for dragon in Romanian is “drac” and “ul” is the definitive article. Vlad III’s father thus came to be known as “Vlad Dracul,” or “Vlad the dragon.” In Romanian the ending “ulea” means “the son of”. Under this interpretation, Vlad III thus became Vlad Dracula, or “the son of the dragon.” (The word “drac” also means “devil” in Romanian. The sobriquet thus took on a double meaning for enemies of Vlad Tepes and his father.) Ok….History lesson over kiddos…. 😉

Well, not quite. In 1922, there was an unauthorized version of Bram Stoker’s Dracula made, but because the studio couldn’t gain rights to the novel, names and details were changed and so forth, hence the birth of Nosferatu, which is this harmless looking bloke that follows:Nosferatu
Banana Hands right? He was Count Orlok as opposed to Count Dracula, Nosferatu instead of Vampire… get it.

As a kid growing up, I made the fatal error one night, oh I had to be about 7 or 8 I suppose, of sneaking out of my room to get a glimpse of what the folks were watching on television. Unbenounced to me, they were watching Salem’s Lot, A horror movie made in 1979 by Stephen King. It just so happens I peeked around the corner about the same time as the Vampire is doing his business…..I must have had nightmares for 6 months after that… is a picture of “Barlow”…..salemslotvampire
In fact, here is the very scene I saw:

In modern times, Vampires seem to have been altered, feminized if you will, to have emotions…a conscience. The ability to feel love, or lust. Even bear children. A stretch from Dracula, or Count Orlok…..even our friend Barlow. Vampires hold a taboo fascination with our culture, they have since Bram Stoker. They are drafted to have this allure, this power that seduces thier victims. Also there is that whole immortality thing they have going on as well…. it is this Author’s opinion that the Vampire lore and the continued fascination cultures have with Vampires is the way Vampires play our fear of the different, the unknown…. the fringe. Or better yet, what is just past the fringe….who knows. Keep reading my friends. T

Dorian Gray and The Other Side Of Town…


Dorian Gray, though written in 1890, is very plausible today. Dorian wanted the portrait painted to capture all of his conquests, right? Age, Sin, Corruption, Retribution……over time the portrait showed the signs of all these inglorious deeds committed by Dorian, too easy right? Unfortunately, nothing is given without a price or stipulation. Dorian finds out exactly the price of all his wrongdoings the moment he pierces the portrait with a blade. Today, in 2017, we are just as rampant as Dorian for escape from these very same things….to have all the lust and debauchery, sin and that fountain of youth that only belongs to us…..but alas my friends….they too come with their own rules and stipulations. Our society today shirks age with plastic surgery, creams and lotions….vitamins and viagra…. and what is Sin? Nothing under the sun that can’t be confessed or Baptized away, right? Sin in modern times is transparent: it blows away from our memories like the wind through an open window……we wave to it like a child on a departing train….to never be seen again. Or so we think…….

Invisibility and the Obvious Nefarious Acts That Would Follow

If this author had the ability to be invisible, first I would not go the way of The Invisible Man and rush to it, it would be well thought out, and Not Permanent. Like an off and on switch with me, it would need to go away sometimes. Now, let us all be adult for a moment and discuss the power of invisiblity…..why would someone want to be invisible, or need to be invisible, first of all? I will enlighten you, my valiant, non translucent reader. The need to be invisible is only for nefarious purposes. I can help the needy or do God’s will just as I am. One need not imply invisibility is required for wholesomeness. It is not, and I put forth quite the opposite. I am here to tell you my friends that if I had the power of invisibility I would rob people and banks blind. I would pull the worst kinds of pranks possible, move chairs right before people sat down in them, haunt people at night……everything. You would too. Admit it. Why else be invisible? T

The Hyde In All Of Us-How Jekyll Touches Everybody

The Story of Jekyll and Hyde really is a story about that darkest, primal part that all of us have inside, is it not? Through skillful vernacular, Stevenson makes us critically think to realize that we have this barbaric, primal aspect of ourselves that we let out from time to time. It is this author’s opinion that this story is so timeless because it’s very subject touches on something that is human nature, something subliminal and laying dormant for us to unleash sporadically. A great example of this that relates to our time is the movie “The Nutty Professor”- Sherman Clump being the everyday, studious professor that only wishes well, then low and behold we, the viewers, meet the alter of Sherman Buddy Love, who for our century is not a hideous, shrunken(not in height anyway) version of Sherman, but a normal looking person, that harbors the primal instincts of Sherman and the nefarious qualities Sherman chooses not to act upon. We as a society today still find this to be relevant as as much a part of our society as it was when written.

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